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While Pico Laser is commonly used in most aesthetic clinics, at Lazz Aesthetic, we advocate for a holistic approach to pigmentation removal, incorporating various laser solutions.

Not Just Pico Laser

Discover a holistic approach to pigmentation removal with our advanced treatment. Unlike single-solution methods, our pigmentation removal combines various lasers, light therapy, and hydromeso therapy, complemented by our specially formulated products. This comprehensive approach not only targets pigmentation issues but also enhances skin hydration and rejuvenation, ensuring lasting results and a radiant complexion even after the treatment.

As efficacy may be limited when relying solely on one laser type. Our pigmentation removal treatment includes a comprehensive approach involving Pico Laser, DPL/OPT, needleless hydro meso and mask.

*While visible results may be observed after one session, complete pigmentation removal requires multiple sessions, subject to the doctor’s recommendations.

Types of Pigmentation

an image of a type of pigmentation - melasma; on the cheek


an image of a type of pigmentation - lentigines; on the skin

Sun Spots

an image of a type of pigmentation - hyperpigmentation; on the face


an image of a type of pigmentation - chloasma; on the face

Uneven Skin Tone

an image of a type of pigmentation - freckles; on the cheek


an image of a type of pigmentation - hypopigmentation; on the skin


an image of a type of pigmentation - post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; on the cheek

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

an image of a type of pigmentation - age spots; on the cheek

Age Spots

Insights into Pigmentation Formation

Skin pigmentation, which is determined by the amount of melanin produced by the body, is responsible for defining skin coloration. Skin pigmentation can be categorized into two main types: hyperpigmentation, characterized by an excess of pigment, and hypopigmentation, characterized by a deficiency of pigment.

Melanin, the pigment that dictates skin color, is generated by specialized skin cells called melanocytes. Numerous factors, including genetics, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and specific medications, can influence melanin production. Hyperpigmentation commonly occurs due to causes such as sun damage, inflammation, skin trauma, and hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. Prolonged exposure to the sun is a significant contributor to hyperpigmentation development, particularly in areas like the hands and face that are frequently exposed.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may arise from skin injury or inflammation, with acne being a prevalent trigger. Darkened patches on the skin serve as the primary symptoms of hyperpigmentation, and these patches can vary in size and emerge anywhere on the body.

a diagram of a comparison of a cross-section of skins between normal and pigmentation skins.

Laser and Light Treatment Mechanisms

Laser and light therapy are employed to address pigmentation concerns by precisely targeting areas of excessive pigment within the skin. The laser energy effectively breaks down surplus melanin, resulting in clearer skin and a more uniform, youthful complexion.

This process entails emitting ultrashort pulses of light to fragment the melanin in pigmented lesions into minuscule particles, which the body naturally eliminates. As a result, pigmented lesions are diminished or eliminated, leading to a reduction in pigmentation irregularities.

Various types of lasers are utilized to address specific pigmentation issues such as melasma, sun spots, freckles, and age spots. The selection of the appropriate laser is contingent upon factors such as the extent, depth, age, gender, and underlying causes of the pigmentation concern. Laser treatment is widely recognized as a safe and effective solution for a range of pigmentation issues, delivering noticeable results without compromising the integrity of the skin’s superficial layers.

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Pico Laser 785j/cm2 1064j/cm2


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Photon Light (Healing & Repair)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located

Lazz Aesthetic is located at 988 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-39/40 Stars of Kovan, Singapore 534733

When will I start seeing results.

Visible results will begin to manifest after the session, however, for complete removal, it is essential to consult with our doctors regarding the required number of sessions.

How do I know if Pigmentation Removal is suitable for me?

Our doctors will assess your skin and have a discussion about your treatment history. This will lead to a discussion about whether Radiant Revival is the right treatment for your skin concerns.

What is the downtime for Pigmentation Removal

There is usually no to minimal downtime associated with this treatment and you can return to your regular activities right away. We offer complimentary post-treatment aftercare advice to let you feel your best.

Is there additional fee for doctor’s consultation?
Our Doctor’s consultation is provided exclusively with the purchase of any treatment from our clinic. Otherwise, each consultation will incur a fee of $80 before GST.

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