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What is Needleless Hydro Meso Treatment
    • As opposed to anti-wrinkle injectables, the Needleless Hydro Meso facial works by taking a non-invasive approach to rejuvenate and de-age the face, chest, and neck. Through electroporation, the treatment is able to deliver skin-nourishing products deeply into the skin, allowing the nutrients to flow from within.
    • The procedure is needle-less, painless, and suitable for most skin types while still providing many of the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections, ideal for those who are afraid of injections or prefer to take a less invasive approach.
Signs of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Loss of Skin Elasticity
Rough & Uneven Skin Texture
Dry Skin
How does Needleless Hydro Meso treatment work
    • Electroporation uses low current pulses of short duration (less than a millisecond) to increase membrane permeability by opening microchannels in the skin. As a result, skin nutrients, vitamins, and growth factors are able to penetrate the skin and be more readily absorbed by the skin, helping to deeply nourish your skin and allow for the products applied to work deeply, heightening their benefits on your skin.

After treatment, your skin will begin its natural healing process and the positive results would be more obvious with repeated sessions.

Benefits of Needleless Hydro Meso treatment
Boost Skin Elasticity
Skin Rejuvenation
Improved skin quality
Increased hydration
Improved skin tone
Boost skin elasticity through increased generation of collagen production
Needleless Hydro Meso Facial

Needleless Hydro Meso Facial treatment is inclusive of and extensive full Facial Experience. The session is 120min in total. Enjoy the full facial experience with our skilled therapist which includes cleansing, extraction, facial massage and face mask.

Renew Your Natural Glow With These Simple Steps

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Fill up your contact information on our website and we’ll assist in securing an appointment with our doctor.


A complete health history will be taken during the first visit to ensure accurate treatment for specific issues


Following your health history, our doctors will prepare a suitable treatment plan to achieve your skin goals.


The face will be cleaned and prepared for the treatment procedure. The procedure and facial treatment will be a total 120 minutes.


After care instruction will be provided, and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for your next session.