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What is Pico Laser Treatment

Pico laser is a non-invasive, non-surgical laser skin treatment that targets common skin concerns like aging, pigmentation, and more. The treatment can target specific areas of the face and has minimal downtime, allowing you to treat your skin concerns quickly and effectively.

Spots from sun damage
Uneven Pigmentation
Dull Skin
Acne Scars & Blemishes
Wrinkles & Fine lines
How does Pico Laser work
    • Pico laser uses an advanced laser that is proven to be faster and safer in comparison to most laser facial treatments, delivering shorter pulse durations and less heat to target specific areas of concern. During this treatment, skin pigments are eliminated with penetrative laser energy.
    • The treatment has minimal downtime, redness of the skin is common for a few hours after the treatment. Despite delivering intense pulses of energy, Pico laser is gentle on the skin as it does not ablate or burn off the skin. The first treatment yields visible results, but it is best to schedule three to four sessions within four weeks of each other. As a result of regular treatments, collagen is produced for skin rejuvenation and acne scarring is reduced.

After treatment, your skin will begin its natural healing process and the positive results would be more obvious with repeated sessions.

Benefits of Pico Laser
Sunspot treatment
Hori’s Nevus treatment
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment
Pigmentation reduction/removal such as freckles and Melasma
Acne mark clearance
Tough skin texture
Brighter and tighter skin due to collagen stimulation
Reduction in fine lines and visible pores
Tattoo removal
Renew Your Natural Glow With These Simple Steps

We pride ourselves on providing professional standards of care to all our patients.


Fill up your contact information on our website and we’ll assist in securing an appointment with our doctor.


A complete health history will be taken during the first visit to ensure accurate treatment for specific issues


Following your health history, our doctors will prepare a suitable laser treatment plan to achieve your skin goals.


The target areas will be cleaned and prepared for the lasering procedure. The procedure may last from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the condition of the skin.


Creams or topical medication may be administered to reduce irritation and redness, and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for your next session.